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Meet Our Staff


​Margie has been serving with us for several years. She manages the records of our medical patients and coordinates with Dr. T in his medical practice as well.







Staff Photo Coming Soon

We have a new medical staff member at our practice!




Diane Scott

Ms. Dianne Scott is a lifelong medical professional and the friendly face that patients first see when they enter Dr. Simon’s practice. She has a diverse background in patient care.


In addition to general expertise in the medical field, she served as an X-ray technician for 27 years before moving to be an MRI tech for 10 years.


In her current position in Dr. Simon’s office, Dianne greets each patient and family, handles the check-in and check-out process, takes patients to their medical rooms, takes vitals, administers allergy shots, makes sure that prescription papers are signed, takes phone calls, and faxes necessary medical documents to pharmacies or hospitals as needed.

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